Thursday, September 12, 2013

Our Location at BostonFIG

Location: 120 Vassar Street, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA

We have just received our official table assignment for this Saturday's BostonFIG. For those of you who will be joining us we will be at table 45 in the Digital Games Showcase located inside the Johnson Athletic Center Ice Rink. We will be demoing the latest build of Bit Blaster which of course supports up to 4 players simultaneously so bring your friends!

Full Directions Detailed Below

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Headed to BostonFIG, and Other Updates

Location: 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA

We will be showing off Bit Blaster at the Boston Festival of Indie Games. After submitting our game back in June, the curators selected us to be exhibited in the festival's Digital Game Showcase! So you should come on out, if you can, and play all the great games on display. Be sure to stop by our table, say hi, and check out the latest version of our game.

The event takes place on September 14th and is completely free. Attendees will be able to vote for their favorite games in the showcase in a variety of categories from best game design, to aesthetics, and even audio. This will be Null Foundry's first conference appearance since Too Many Games so we have plenty of new features to show off.

You may have noticed it has been a while since our last post. We apologize for the lack of updates, but the past several weeks have been very busy and hectic with various build submissions, indie/gaming group events, and of course development hiccups. So we will take this moment to try and fill you in on some of the bigger highlights.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Thank You Too Many Games!

We had a ton of fun at Too Many Games this weekend. Running a booth for the first time as a studio was a lot of work, but extremely rewarding.

Thank you to everyone who came by our booth to play our game. It was great to hear your feedback, we really appreciate it. As you know this was our first public appearance as a studio, and the fact that so many of you enjoyed Bit Blaster and offered to help support us was tremendously motivating. Your excitement reaffirms that what we are building is indeed something special and now more than ever we want to get it into your hands as soon as we can.

Altogether we had some great discussions with players and other indie developers about games and development practices. Getting to see what other developers on the east coast are working on was a real treat. Thanks to all the other indies that made it out to show off their stuff, keep fighting the good fight guys.

We are aiming to send the build we demoed at TMG to those who signed up for testing as soon as possible. However, as some of you have already witnessed we must first fix some stability and resolution issues, so please be patient. More updates to the website will follow, and those of you who signed up for our email listings will be receiving updates shortly as well.

Again thank you to everyone who offered feedback, signed up to test our upcoming builds, and volunteered help for events. Also, those of you who donated money we are extraordinarily grateful, your contributions will directly help this project meet it's goals. A special thank you to TCN Games and ProRattaFactor for being especially great booth neighbors and helping us out!

NF Booth at TMG 2013
The look of a developer caught in con headlights.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Null Foundry Booth at Too Many Games 2013

Location: 100 Station Avenue, Phoenixville, PA 19460, USA

As a result of a last minute opening, and some extremely helpful staff, Null Foundry is hosting an Indie Developer booth at Too Many Games!

The conference is being held at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center at Oaks from Friday through Sunday.

All weekend we will be demoing our Alpha build of our current game project "Bit Blaster: Working Title" on PC, Mac, and the Ouya console which has its upcoming release on the 25th of June. We would love for you to experience our game in it's infancy so we can get feedback and suggestions from fellow gamers.

We hope to see you there.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Official Website Launched

Welcome to the Official Website of Null Foundry LLC. Thank you for taking the time to look us up.

Here we will post news on our current projects, events, and the future of our development studio. Check out our products page to see publicly announced projects that we are currently working on.

If you are interested in contracting us for your own project, or perhaps need professional consultation for your own development feel free to contact us. We are based out of New Jersey, but able to work with you remotely if travel is an issue.

Check back here for announcements and updates on our work, or follow us on your preferred social media outlets; Facebook, Twitter, Google+.